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Dec 2006
Trip to Japan December 2006
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Hey Everybody,

I am currently in Japan on a short winter vacation. I am staying with my friend who serves in the Navy at the Atsugi airbase. I am unable to upload video from his computer to my podcast site but I was able to upload to Myspace. Here is a link of some video I have taken while I am here. I am staying Zama for most of the time. I spent Friday night in Shibuya not far from the train station. I had dinner with a freind I met thru myspace then went around and checked out the sites on Center Gai. Saturday my friend I am staying with and one of his friends came along and we went to Takanawa in Minato-Ku to see the Senegakuji Temple of the 47 Ronin stories. The 47 Ronin story is back in the days of Samurai during a war one of the warlords was killed so all of his Samurai became Ronin (masterless Samurai). So the 47 Ronin travel to the gates of this temple and committed suicide to avenge their slain master. Respect is still given to the temple every year for the warlords and the loyalty shown.

After going to the temple we headed over to Harajuku for some soviener shopping and coffee. My friend and his friend took off to go back home and me and another friend walked to Roppongi to the TOHO theaters to see the new James Bond movie "Casino Royale" the theater itself was amazing due to the size and sound. Afterwards I was taken back to the Shinjuku station to catch the last train back to Zama to call it an evening. It's Sunday now and we are just taking it easy. I have a few more days left and will post more later.

For some reason the link does not show in my post please check out the comments section for the link to the video. Thank you

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